Baikal IZH18, IZH94 Quick Release 100% Steel Scope Mount with Rings

Baikal IZH18, IZH94 Quick Release 100% Steel Scope Mount with Rings

Baikal IZH18, IZH94 Quick Release 100% Steel Scope Mount with Rings

Quick Release 100% Steel Scope Mount with 1 inch, 30mm, 34mm or 36mm Rings or Picatinny Rail Adaptor for Baikal IZH18, IZH94. Designed to fit the dovetail grooved receiver of ALL Baikal IZH18 and IZH94 rifles and combination guns with 12mm dovetail.

Please see note at the end. This QR mount allows you to easily remove and protect your scope by simply turning the thumb screw (no tools needed) of the Quick Release retaining locking mechanism. Guaranteed to return to zero every time after remount even with the heaviest African calibers.

This mount (in its tactical and QR versions) is superior to any other mount available on the market for IZH18 and IZH94 currently. It is designed with a unique immovable recoil lug and a wide retaining bracket with two parallel guides.

Other mounts for this application have one or NO guides at all. Do not be mislead by low prices. Two parallel steel guides of the retaining bracket IN ADDITION to the securing screw are the ONLY way to guarantee precision (return to zero) and longevity (return to zero after many mounts/remounts and many rounds fired).

This is effectively a double locking mechanism - and it is reflected in the price. In addition this mount has an adjustable Left. Right position of the stem of the rear ring.

This allows you to compensate for the sometime excessive misalignment of the dovetail relative to the barrel axis without burdening the windage adjustment of your scope. The front ring has 3 possible positions along the mount for added convenience and flexibility. The minimum distance of 30mm between the rings allows you to install Red Dot Quick Target acquisition systems (such as Docter) and other modern short body scopes (such as Aimpoint). Very Low mount to enhance sighting and long range precision shooting.

QR - quick release and install by turning the thumb-screw of the QR locking mechanism. Recoil proof and guaranteed to return to zero after reattachment. Unique immovable recoil lug improves durability and maintains long-term precision in shooting. All heat treated steel base, recoil lug and lock, lasting deep blued. Aircraft grade aluminum rings (steel rings optional). Precision crafted in the European Union. Optionally you can choose to replace the rings with a 100 % steel. For added functionality - please see the last picture on the display.

All except rings - 100% heat treated hardened steel, rings - aluminum or steel (optional). Dovetail receiver plateau to scope mating surface of the rings - 13.5 mm (17/32). 3, distance between the rings from 34.0mm to 69.5mm (1-11/32" to 2-47/64"). 12 mm (15/32) dovetail grooves. Single QR Thumb screw (no tools needed).

Matt, high temperature weapons blueing process. Mount, 1 set of rings in the size of your choice, the needed hex keys and spare ring screws. Precision crafted in the European Union by GunStar.

We take pride in precision. One set of rings - PLEASE SPECIFY. The RING SIZE you need. 1 inch, 30mm, 34mm or 36mm or Picatinny Rail Adaptor. Note: All design dimensions are in Metric System.

Dimensions in inches are approximate and for indication purposes only. Some IZH94 versions do not have factory made recoil groove in the receiver. In this case you have 2 options.

Option 1 - as the recoil lug will be in the way you need to remove it from the mount by unscrewing the bolt that holds the lug to the mount. Option 2 - (recommended for better precision in shooting) is to have your gunsmith mill a recoil groove across your receiver. Groove should be 5mm wide, 3mm deep and center of the groove should be 17 mm from the face (the beginning) of the receiver. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Hunting\Scopes, Optics & Lasers\Scope Mounts & Accessories". The seller is "zruncho" and is located in this country: BG.

This item can be shipped worldwide.

Baikal IZH18, IZH94 Quick Release 100% Steel Scope Mount with Rings

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